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Thursday, June 03, 2010

peek a boo!!!

Hi guys!

Where to start?

It's only been two whole weeks (and one half week) (that totally seem like FOREVER) since i moved into my Master's house. Its been a wild ride already. But i'm still holding on to the bull's horns.
Most of what cause all the ruckus was a lack of air conditioning. Living in this part of the country in the middle of May it's already 95 degrees outside. And our roof is metal. So the house turns into the sweat lodge from hell. And Master and i are both very cranky when hot. The air finally got fixed today, though, so that is positive.

On the lifestyle side, things have slowed down... Nearly to a halt. I find that we are more DD than M/s. Is this just the natural progression of our relationship? I've gotten more spankings than anything else recently (of that nature anyway) and the floggers are in the closet gathering dust. I don't think it will stay that way forever, but maybe we just really needed the break.

Its not like i don't have enough stuff to keep me busy. I've never been one to stay on top of cleaning chores. I get tired of washing dishes. Laundry isn't so bad as long as the washer and dyer are here instead of a car trip away. But Sir likes a very clean house, and it's his way or his way around here. I'm working on setting up a cleaning schedule for myself. Duh dishes get done every day. But like Mondays and Thursdays will be laundry days, Fridays will be kitchen days... Or whatever, depending on my work schedule.

Speaking of work, it's going pretty well. My manager seems a bit ditsy, but i don't work with her a ton, so i think i can live. It pay pretty well ($12/hr) and it's particularly hard. I was a bit worried about the fact that it's only part time, but part time here mean like 25 to 30 hours a week, and i think i need the break considering how much school work i will have to do....

Speaking of school (don't you just love the lead ins there?), I've started working on my two classes for the summer. I'm taking History since the Civil War, and Humanities I (which is like classical humanities). Totally, i have 6 papers, 8 exams, and 16 discussions to do in 8 weeks. Did i mention i had enough to keep me busy?

I'm gonna post up a poll when i'm done with this, as i am in debate whether or not to write a blog about a certain topic of interest to me.....

talk to you later guys

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  1. Sounds like you got a lot on your plate, but seems like things are going well so far. Good luck with school!