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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fetch Fido

I got a dog yesterday. At 8 months old, he's already 70 pounds. But what can you expect from a malamute/Pyrenees? His name is Bear. No, i didn't name him.

When i posted up the previous poll, i was thinking about writing a fantasy. As many of you know, i play puppy sometimes. It really is a form of play, and i really do become that puppy. Some how or another, thoughts of sex got tangled in with thoughts of puppy, and not only do i have fantasies about being fucked while in puppy space, i have had thoughts about being fucked by another puppy while in puppy space. For a while, i thought that i was going mad, that i was sick and twisted, and never ever revealed to any my thoughts on the subject. One night many months ago, i was talking to Spirited's Sir (we had been talking for a few months at that point... Or maybe it was a couple of months? Time passes oddly in subby space) and i confided in him what i was thinking. I had even watched some porn on the subject by that point. He encouraged me to explore, to fantasize, talked to me about the right and wrong of it. Eventually, i worked up the courage to tell MOR. His reaction was not... altogether perfect, but after sometime he adjusted to the idea. I think for him he wanted it to humiliate me (i'm such a slut i'll fuck a dog), and i guess it still does make me blush. Up till now it has all just been fantasies playing in my head, and maybe they will get left that way..

Then again, maybe not...

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  1. Please sweetie, don't. Animals can't consent, so that takes out what I think many of us believe is the most important third of our little credo of "safe, sane, and consensual". This is one to entertain with fantasy, storytelling, play-acting, dress up, and props, but not a non-human sentient being. Please.