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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moving part 2

Boxes are packed. Clothes are folded. My apartment looks empty. I still have a few posters to take down, and plates to pack once i get some newspaper, but things are ready for moving. Am I?

I didn't live alone until i was nearly 22. I was terrified of it. I went from family to a boy, to family, to a boy. I promised myself at the end of my last major relationship that i would spend at least a year living on my own. I accomplished that. Spent longer than that alone. I got very used to the idea, until i had a hard time even thinking about living with someone else. It gets easy on your own, if a little lonely. If the house is a mess, you have no one to blame but yourself, and if you want to leave it that way, no one complains. It doesn't matter if you use all the hot water or play music loudly (except maybe to the neighbors). Life can be pretty sweet.

I'm not sure that i would be making this move quite yet if it wasn't for the fact that Master and i live 180 miles apart. But the nights are cold and lonely and we miss each other constantly. It may be a little hasty, but i have confidence in our relationship.

What is new is being a submissive 24/7. I mean yes, this is always who i am. But now, my Master will be there all the time (unless we are working). Thats a lot more time for me to get into trouble. A lot more time that he will be watching every move i make, and deciding how to use it in controlling me. A lot more time that i will be able to serve him...
I'll post more once i actually get there, this weekend will be busy with moving and all..


  1. Journeys are always exciting. Well, we are always on a journey I suppose, but when we make a big switch as you are doing, everything takes on a tingly quality. I look forward to hearing how your 24/7 submission develops.

  2. :) I'm so very excited for you both. I hope all goes really well, and I can't wait to hear more. Good luck with your move. *hugs*

  3. It's exciting! But take it slowly and know there will be bumps and bruises (and not just ones you like ;p) Living together is a lot of work, and especially in a D/s relationship--it is more work in some areas, but also more rewarding in some. Good luck and just remember to write a lot about all of your feelings--to let the bad ones go, and to remember the good ones. <3