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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm walking into the parking lot after a day of shopping. Only one bag from this store. i'm tired, ready to be home, and my head phones are in, attached to my mp3 player, blocking out the noise of the store and parking lot. I'm dressed how i always am- a short skirt, tight black shirt, flip flops. There are people all around me. I don't even notice the man behind me. Its dark, and i parked in the back of all the cars because i couldn't find a spot closer. I don't have time to scream as a hand wraps over my face, the sickly-sweet smell of chloroform overwhelms me.

I awoke in a dark room, no windows to let in a small amount of light. My wrists were bound together behind my back, my shoulders stiff from laying on the cold wooden floor. I wriggled and bit and realized that my ankles were not bound, giving me the illusion of freedom. Nothing existed to tell me how long i lay there, before sleep took hold once more.

The creak of a door being opened

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