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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TTWD: What is submission?

What is submission? It's a word i hear used a lot in the community. It sparks a lot of debate. Consent, whether than consent can be removed. If you can ever give yourself to someone so fully that you have no choices left, not even the choice to leave.

My six month training collar is up in June, and as the date approaches, as i think more about TTWD, i find myself questioning myself, my submission, submission as a whole. I am searching for answers any place i know to look. Myself, my Master, forums and boards, and you, my readers.

What is submission to you?
Does it come with restrictions on your dominant and the things that He/she can have you do?
Do you still have a level of consent, of choice (forget what the law says, i want to know how you feel)?
Is your submission 24/7?


  1. Submission, to me, is loving Daddy so much that his needs are paramount to mine. Serving him brings me immense satisfaction. I trust him with all of myself-safety, well-being, emotional and mental stability. I will do what he asks, although not always without question, if I have questions to ask. Submission is the fact that I willing gave myself into his control, in order to create the life we both wanted. For me, it is a blissful feeling, most of the time. ;)

    I have no restrictions on my Daddy. I trust him so deeply that I have a sure knowledge that he will never do anything that will be bad for me.

    In our relationship, I always have a level of consent or choice. I know that, although I have never had to veto anything he's done. Daddy keeps me safer and saner than I could do by myself, so there's never been a need to stand up against him. However, like I said, if I have questions, comments, concerns, it is definitely my responsibility to bring them up. He would get pretty upset if he found out that I wasn't happy about something and didn't talk to him!

    Although we both consider me to be a 24/7 submissive, we do have a life outside of that which must be tended to. I wear a collar at all times. But still, I am also wife, mother, friend, etc, and therefore don't always act as "subby" as I may sometimes desire!

    I hope this helps you and I really admire that you are truly and deeply looking into this before just jumping in and proclaiming yourself a submissive. This way, when you find the answer, whatever it may be, you'll always know that you did what you truly wanted. <3

  2. i totally understand how you feel as i am constantly struggling with it myself (one of the reasons i started blogging). i think that submission is and must be different for every person and every relationship but i also identify with what Little Butterfly says 'it is a blissful feeling, most of the time' and those are the moments i love and treasure. Now, if only i could find that feeling more often.