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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Is this who i really am? Is this what i really want? Do i really understand what it means to accept the new collar in June? Do i really understand what it means to be submissive at all? Not just what it means to me, but what it means to Him? Are we on the same page? Will i fail, will we fail, if i move in in June? or July?


  1. No one can answer these questions except for you... not even he can answer them. And honestly... it would probably not be a good idea to move forward with anything until you can answer them and be confident in where you are headed. Otherwise... more than likely the relationship will fail. Despite what most people say, it's not normal to go into a relationship with reservations... not that there's never any fear (fear of the unknown)... but if you're questioning yourself and the relationship as a whole, it could lead to issues that could be avoided if you just take the time to think it through.

    And truthfully... in my opinion... any Dominant who would push you to make these decisions is not worthy of you. Your submission should be given freely and without reservation. It's a beautiful gift that should be accepted when you're ready to give it... not forced out of you or demanded.



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