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Friday, April 02, 2010


How do i tell you all the things i think? I've neglected my writing because i'm afraid to tell you what i think. Afraid i will hurt you.

I've never really thought that it was my job to protect you. But i guess i have always acted that way. I censor myself, censor my thoughts, my words. I walk on eggshells to keep myself from telling you the truth. Because i love you. Because of who you are. Because of who i remember you being. Because of who i want you to be again.

I feel like you have lost your way, like you don't remember you have the capability of being such an amazing person. So much potential. Remember that time a while ago when you believed the world was at your fingertips? When you sought to be the best? When you had goals and motivation and drive?'
You used to be this strong person, this beautiful inspiring person. Now you work a job you hate and haven't bothered to take responsibility to find better. You whine to others, but do nothing to make it better. You are a loser.

Please, for my sake, remember who you were, who you were growing to be. I depend on you to be strong, to be my rock. I need you.

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  1. I have never forgotten. Besides Masters don't whine they artfully complain.