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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Waiting for the weekend

In less than 48 hours, i will be in my Master's arms, assuming everything goes well. I'm joining Him in another city for the weekend. And after the week that i have had, i could really, really use a break. Computer issues, work issues, and family issues have left me exhausted. The kind of exhausted most people get a break from during sleep or meditation. i haven't been able to sleep, and my mind almost never relaxes enough for meditation. The only time i seem to be able to hit that level recently is during Master's visits and playing with Sir and Miss L. When i drop into slavespace or subspace, everything else disappears for me. i can breathe. i put my life, my worries into Master's (or Sir's) hands, and for a while i am no longer my own.
i am looking forward to playing with the cane i got Him for His birthday. i tested it on myself and it leaves very very nice marks and stings like a sonvuabitch. *chuckles* This plus the mood my darling, dear Master has been in lately means i will come back home well spanked, caned and fucked. And loved.



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