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Thursday, August 06, 2009

the Math of my Death

i have a kinds of bad, long ranging habit of thinking about mortality. Mine and everyone else's. i was in the bath tub last night and my brain went fuzzy, the start of the bipolar crash for me. i thought about how long it would take someone to figure out i had drown in the bath. Master talks to me most frequently of course, but doesn't have the phone number for anyone. He could email Miss L and Sir, after trying to call me. Okay.. Lets say i get in the bath at 7pm (as i did last night). i'm tired and the hot water is soothing, relaxing, plus in causes my blood pressure to lower. i fall asleep and drown, well say by 745pm. Master and i don't chat until 9 or 930. We'll say 9 cause that is what it was last night. Thats an hour and fifteen minutes. He waits until 910 to call me. i don't answer. He calls again and again until 930. At 930, He is worried enough that He emails Miss L, and She's there. She tries calling me as She drives down too. Lets assume that She leaves right away, doing 70-80 miles an hour the whole way here. If she doesn't get pulled over, She makes it here by 10. 2 hours and 15 minutes after my death. But no one has a key. They have two choices, break down the door or call the police and wait for them to break down the door. They take choice B. The police show, kick in my door, find me asleep in my bathtub, 3 hours after my death. This is the faster of two situations, the other being that Miss L doesn't get an email until the next day. If it was not for Master, it could be several days before i am discovered dead.

And if Master dies, suddenly, for whatever reason, how long until i know. No one close knows about me, no one would call. It would take, i believe, me calling His cell phone, and someone close by paying enough attention to answer it, assuming that it wasn't destroyed in whatever killed Him. And i would be finding out from His wife, and would recieve no comfort, to this situation that might kill me. Its scary.....

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