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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!

Master just left. It has been a wonderful weekend, starting friday night with Sir and Miss L. And when i got home, Master surprised me with coming down early for the weekend. It was wonderful. He brought several new toys with Him (pictures to come later), and i was simply delighted to see Him here early. The weekend was pretty relaxed, lots of playing and enjoying each other and the new toys. Saturday W/we went shopping and He got me new sheets for my bed, a high thread count than i have slept on before and i will never go back, and a matching comforter as will as a waterproof pad to cover my matress so that the entensive play and my squirting wouldnt damage my matress. W/we had lunch and a decent BBQ place then came back home and played. i got some nice bruises (pictures later), and took more pain than i really had before. The afternoon was spent in the city at the mall, getting an autograph followed by a trip to a sex shop, which W/we left empty handed. Went out to dinner, came home, more playing, some nice bondage, an enema, and birthday spankings at midnight 23 for my birthday and what started out as the 43 for His birthday in a few weeks, that both of U/us lost count on but was way over 43. This morning woke to O/our first time with anal sex together. i did it once when i was 16, but not since then. i do admit that it was wonderful to feel Him cum in my ass... :D

i have fire play class this afternoon with Miss L. The rest of my day to spend as i like, decompressing and relaxing. But i haven't been this happy... ever.

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