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Thursday, June 11, 2009


Master is leaving for the weekend this afternoon. He will be gone until Sunday night. It is the first time since i became His submissive that W/we will not be able to chat at night. He will be on a trip to a place with no cell phone service. i'm not sure what to do without Him. i'm scared. i know that He is doing His best to prepare assignments for me for the weekend, something which W/we have been wanting to do for a while. i'm that overthinker kind of a sub and without something to occupy my mind, it wanders to horrible places and i am an emotional mess afterward. For months now, Master has been the thing to keep me stable, to help me to have balance in my emotions. He has kept me from long mood swings and spirals downward. He has helped me to manage my temper. i know that He has confidence in me to make it through the weekend, and i believe that i will because of His belief in me. i honestly dont remember what not being His slave feels like, mostly because i think i want to forget being alone....

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